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Milltex team would really like to thank you for your continuous support and patronage of the MILLTEX brand, which has resulted in over 200% growth in last couple of years. This gives us the motivation to continuously work towards improving Milltex products and its competitiveness in the industry. In the last year or so, you have surely noticed a significant jump in overall quality of our products in respect of nicer soft hand feel, softer fleece, better fitting specs, cleaner finish of garments, fine stitching details and more importantly, a vibrant color mix.

A perfect example of this is the totally transformed style 717. This style now has a 100% cotton facing for better printing, 3 end fleece knitting, almost pre-shrunk, fluffy and soft hand, better fitting spec, wider rib cuffs, added with neck twill tape and sweat patch, and to top it off, available now in 24 colors !! . Apart from core and basic team colors, 717 now comes in soothing pastels, and rich color heathers. No Wonder it has received so much acceptance and appreciation from every segment in this industry, especially the ASI and resort market.

With 717 becoming the top quality, yet competitively priced option, Milltex is launching style 317, the true promo hoody, for the very price sensitive, high volume customers. Still a ringspun, but cost less than the low quality open end product out there in the market. Available in 15 colors only.

Also proudly introducing Milltex first premium Tri-Blend t shirt, style 600. It has 25% Rayon, which gives soft soothing effect to the fabric. And as Milltex tradition, we made this quality tri blend tee affordable to all ! so don’t be afraid to try it, available in 8 vibrant colors.

Last addition in 2021 catalog is the style 300, an upgraded version on our previous style 900. The new version is now bit heavier at 150 gsm, which give some body to the t shirt. This is important when your finished product is folded and stacked on retail rack. This new tee not only feels good to wear, it fits well of the body. Available in 22 colors, both solids and heathers. This new tee is partly preshrunk, and washed with eco friendly softner for a nicer touch.

At Milltex, we are also aware of the challenges that we face due to phenomenal growth we had. Keeping inventory available at all times and arranging shortages from factories to complete back orders, were some of the key issues. I would like to assure our customers that we are fully aware and working hard for 2021 to avoid these pains. We are increasing our inventory levels by over 50% in all core styles and colors, so we would always fulfil your orders within 48 hours, complete !

A big part of our business is the ability to execute custom / full package orders. Customers who have luxury of time on their side can take advantage of full packaged, printed, tagged, retail packed orders, at a much lower cost. As Milltex owns its factories in Asia, we offer reliability, expertise, and competitiveness to our valued customers. Our factories are fully Socially Compliant and approved by major world bodies and retail giants. We have been certified by WRAP / FLA / Walmart / Kohls / Addidas / CTPAT and few others.

Lastly, Milltex is fully aware of its social responsibility and take it very seriously. Milltex factories provides safe and clean working environment. Along with higher than market salaries and benefits, Milltex factories provide subsidized food for all its workers.

To fulfil its obligation to the community, Milltex funds 100% a charity organization who runs various projects in rural least developed parts of Pakistan. Work of charity can be found on www.Akberfoundation.org. It runs a small maternity hospital; a school and a vocational training center, all free cost to the most deprived segment of the society. Every year, tens of thousands of poor patients/ people benefit from these services which is fully funded by Milltex, and made possible with the support of our valued customers.



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